Self-cleaning Stainless Steel Water Intake Screens
Kleenscreen manufactures self cleaning water intake screens to protect pumps and systems from organic and inorganic debris.

Design Range

KleenScreen self-cleaning water intake screens are highly efficient, requiring less than 5% of the water flow through the screen to power the rotating and self cleaning actions.

Available in three design ranges; Orbitor, Revolver and Effluent Kleenscreen. All designs and materials are chosen through experience to provide outstanding function and service life.

Efficient backwashing nozzles provide continuous cleaning, powered by a line from the pump.

Orbitor 250

KleenScreen Orbitor

Revolver screen
KleenScreen Revolver

Kleenscreen Orbitor shown above has a rated flow rate of 250 litres per second. The range of models allows flow rates from 25 to 250 litres per second, (397 to 3,963 US gallons per minute).

Screen rotates past backwash nozzles.

Manufactured wholey from stainless steel and thermoplastic for durability.

Designed for even suction through screen area for effective cleaning and prevention of fish entrapment.

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KleenScreen Revolver

Flow rates from 2.5 to 15 litres per second, (397 to 2,222 US gallons per minute).

Unique backwashing system with all revolving components inside a stationery screen.

Stainless steel and polyethylene components ensure rugged construction and long operational life.

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Effluent KleenScreen

Effluent screen
Effluent KleenScreen

Small screen hole size allows the use of conventional closed impeller pumps for effluent. This allows smaller motors to be used and higher heads to be pumped than standard open impeller and trash pumps.

Robustly contructed from stainless steel and thermoplastic components.

The internal rotating backwash jets blast particles from the screen surface or breaks them up.

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