About Us - KleenScreenTM

Dama Manufacturing Ltd is based in Whangarei – a town approximately 180km north of Auckland on New Zealand’s North Island.

Dama Manufacturing began trading in 2006, but the company’s experience pre-dates both of these years. Matthew van den Bosch (the Managing Director) was involved with an agricultural irrigation installation company. They were trying to obtain a suitable pump intake screen to meet tightening environmental guidelines. After trying different models of imported self-cleaning screens, it was decided that what was available had various shortcomings and that a more suitable solution would be to manufacture a type of screen that was tailored to local requirements.

The result of this decision, and ‘real-world’ use, and design evolution, was the KleenScreen™ range of self-cleaning screens. They are designed to perform better, last longer and also be simple to maintain.

Matthew has been involved from the inception of the KleenScreen and now, as the chief technical director of Dama, has continued to develop the KleenScreen product. The range now has a huge 77 standard models and variations to cater for all installations. The company is also able to custom manufacture screens for specific applications. The KleenScreen range continues to be the only type of rotating self-cleaning intake screen that is produced in stainless steel as standard. In 2008 Dama Manufacturing also introduced wedge-wire to the range. Wedge-wire is standard on the smaller ‘Revolver’ screens and optional on the larger ‘Orbitor’ units.

The design and manufacturing specifications of the KleenScreens has enabled Dama to become the preferred self-cleaning screen supplier to the New Zealand pumping market. Exports to other countries are also beginning to make a substantial contribution to the company’s sales.

Although Dama does offer other water related products, KleenScreens are its core business and the company uses specialist machinery to produce them and maintain its high quality standards.